In Docly you create custom display templates (HTML and/or PDF) and API functions using JavaScript both in frontend and backend.

Let us introduce you to how you configure and code in Docly™ with JavaScript.
General javascript functions and syntax.
The include and master server directives that avoids repetition of code in your files.
Chap­ter func­tion­s
Docly provided helper functions to create chapter counters working on multiple levels.
Da­te and ti­me func­tion­s
Functions to convert and change date and time objects.
Fi­lesys­te­m func­tion­s
Functions to link files and images from Docly to your web content.
Math func­tion­s
JS functions for Maths.
Ar­ray func­tion­s
Functions to add, get and remove items from arrays.
Net­work func­tion­s
Functions for calling external APIs and sites.
Out­put func­tion­s
Basic functions for output and formatting.
St­ring func­tion­s
Functions to read and manipulate string variables.
Va­lida­tio­n func­tion­s
Helper functions to easily validate values in API functions.
Sha­re func­tion­s
Functions used to write data to Docly, such as data sbumitted from web apps or imported from XLSX, JSON, CSV etc.
Mail func­tion­s