Radio buttons in Docly Forms Last updated: 12. Dec 2018

This guide explains and shows examples on how to use Radio button in Docly Forms.

Add radio buttons from the bottom toolbar

Give each option a text

Configure each option with value and group

Parameter Description
Group name Enter a name that will group multiple radio buttons together.
When retreiving values from the form this name will be the field name.
Value Give each option a value.
The a field with the groups name will return this value.

Reading radio buttons in # templates

In step 3 we enterered "G" as "Group name". This means the value can be read from a field called "G" as shown below:

The selected option was: #G#

If option "B" is checked then this JSON will be returned from the form:

   "G": "B"

Radio buttons in arrays

Unfortunately they do not work in arrays at this point.