Using a folder schema Last updated: 11. May 2023

Folder schemas makes it possible to define additional information on a folder. Such as sort order, images, icon and display names.

Right click a folder

Place the cursor over the folder you want to modify, press the right button on your mouse or trackpad. This will open a context menu with various options related to the folder.

Choose properties

From the context menu, locate and click on the "Properties" option. This will open a new window containing details about the selected folder and its configuration.

Click change type

In the folder properties window, find the option to change the folder type. This is called "Change type". Clicking this option will allow you to modify the folder's appearance and behavior.

Choose folder type

A list of different folder types / templates will be displayed. Select the desired folder type. This will optimize the folder's appearance and organization for the selected content type.

Open "Properties" tab

If additional customization options are available for the chosen folder type, they may be located under a "Properties" tab. Click on this tab to access and modify these settings as needed.