Creating folder schemas Last updated: 12. Dec 2022

Information about setting up your own folder schemas in Docly.

About folder schemas

Folders can be created with a schema, meaning you can define extra data on your folder besides the folder name.

Usage may be to add a description field, an image or any other data or arrays/structures of data to your folder. This can be used in your publish or document templates.

Create a folder schema

Do this either by using the "Docly Form" or "Docly Form (designer)" or other schema that produces a "Form.html" output.

Check this box to make it into a folder schema:

System fields

Field name Description
Accept If defined this references ID's (long) or string to #D reference of a document schema. Either a comma or line separated list.

Accept: #D01, #D02

Example to remove restrictions in a sub folder:
Accept: *

Example of a folder schema with the "Accept" field: