Creating Docly™ Schemas Last updated: 12. Dec 2022

This guide will get you started with creating your own custom Docly™ schemas.

Request developer access

If you don't already have developer access granted, please fill inn and submit your application from the link below:

Create a new schema

Go to any desired folder (you can move your schemas to different folders later).

Click new document:

Select the "Docly Schema" template:

Now enter a name for your schema in the title.

Enter HTML markup

Simply enter some test HTML markup and click "Save".

Here is some sample HTML you can copy and paste:

The h1 tag is automatically inserted above here.
<h2>This is only a test</h2>

<label>Enter your name below:</label>
<input type="text" name="Name" placeholder="No name entered" />

See for further details about how to setup more advanced schemas.

Create a test document using your new schema

Hit "New document":

You have created and made a document based on your new schema:

More information

Later you can learn how to:

  • Publish your forms online (e-mail notification and online storage)
  • Share your custom document templates with other users
  • Customize the CSS styles (colours and layout)
  • Make your schema dynamic (show, hide and animate elements)
  • Add your own functions and calculations (JS / jQuery)
  • Add output templates to generate web pages or documents (PDF or DOCX)