Do­cumen­ta­tion in­teg­rati­on examp­le
Making your own custom display templates for Docly schemas. This is example shows how you make the "Documentation" schema display in your own site with your bounding frame / design template.
Breadc­ru­mb examp­le
Example on how to show current navigation path for a page.
Sen­ding forms by e-mai­l
Use this documentation to setup page templates that submit forms by e-mail.
Lin­king ima­ges and fi­les in has­h
How to link files and images from #JS code.
Me­nu with ac­tive class (hash­)
Using pub­lis­hed fol­der searc­h
This search function searches all the documents in a published folder and sub folders. ATM only filenames are searched.
Pre­vent Doc­ly chan­ging HREF and SR­C
Docly automatically reroutes any reference going to / over to the site folder.
How to ma­ke JS and CSS bund­les
Get higher ranked with fewer JS and CSS files. In other words, this means that you should always bundle all JS and CSS files to one JS-file and one CSS-file.
Re­direct to a pa­ge or si­te
The redirect command - and how to make a redirect site.
Examp­le of dy­namic si­temap.­xml fi­le
This example generates a dynamic sitemap.xml file
Set­ting and ad­ding me­ta tags to hea­d
Re­quest va­riab­les and edit links - examp­le
Examples on how to get current folder, url, site name, edit links, page title and more.
Using jque­ry.e­d­it­page.j­s
Include this Docly™ plugin script to enable direct editing within a page. Edits will be submitted to server through the Docly™ built-in API.