Custom API

Crea­te cus­tom API func­tion­s
EXAMPLE - Creating your custom API is needed if you want to make interactive functions in your sites. API functions are not cached and are also allowed to access query string and form parameters. With API functions you can also write / store data to your Docly site / database. Normal pages can't read from the query string and can only produce a single static output as it is cached in the system.
Crea­te cus­tom AUTH hand­ler
When users are logging in to your published sites you can either use the internal Docly users and user rights (good for static sites) or create your own custom AUTHORIZE function (mostly only needed in dynamic sites/applications).
Crea­te a cus­tom lo­gin pa­ge
If you want to make an application which requries login you can create your own login page. Combine this with a custom login handler to create your own user database and login to your site / application.
Send mail from API func­tio­n
Follow this example to send email from your application.
DIAG­RAM - Sta­tic and dy­namic si­tes.pd­f
Au­to re­load pa­ge if cac­hed and out­date­d
By the use this API-function and javascript you can automatically hard reload a page if it has been updated on server.
Cal­ling ex­ter­nal API­s
Examples and info on Docly functions to call external WEB APIs (JSON) with POST and GET. IMPORTANT: These functions are only available from the #/API folder.
Sen­ding SMS th­rough BulkSMS ga­teway from Doc­ly JS API
Thsi example will send an SMS from your Docly JS API to a phonenumber. It requires an account at BulkSMS and credits.