The hash folder Last updated: 15. May 2023

Your published folders can contain a folder called #. This will contain all definitions used to generate your site. Using this folder you can customize the way your website looks and works.

The "#/" folder

In this folder you can place display templates that override the default way .docly files are displayed. You must do this in order to integrate / frame .docly documents into your own design.

See example below "Documentation.5.html":

<!--#master file="index.html" -->
<html lang="no">
    <title xdt:Transform="Replace">#Title# - Interkodex AS</title>
    <article class="container contentsection" xdt:Transform="Replace" data="#">

This example integrates the docly "Documentation.5" template into the website master page template.

The "#/Folder" folder

Place any default files for all sub folders in this folder.

The "#/Root" folder

Place any default files for the root folder in this folder.