How to backup your files from Docly Last updated: 26. Jan 2023

The Docly cloud servers are already backed up and all your files are stored in a strategical way. Backing up your Docly files will give you complete control over them and you can store them in any way you like. By backing up Docly you can also archive old files and free storage in your Docly account.

Connect to Docly as a Network Drive

Copy all your Docly files to a local folder

This will copy all your Docly data to your own hard drive.

Store and archive your backups as you desire.

Make sure you "Copy" your files and not "Move" them over to your hard drive.

Restore your Docly backup

Copy your files from your backup back to Docly. You can even do it in another Docly account.
This may be useful for testing purposes or for kick starting new simmillare projects.