Connect Docly as Network Drive Last updated: 22. May 2023

Connect to Docly™ as harddrive in Windows using Web DAV. Use tools like Windows Explorer or Visual Studio Code for convenient access to your Docly files.

Right click network and select "Map network drive"


Make sure to check the option "Connect using different credentials"

If you are running your site using the Docly™ on your own server specify server:

If you are not running on HTTPS make sure to enable HTTP:

Optional: When having problems

Make sure that the "WebClient" windows service is running.
If it already is running resetting the Windows service called "WebClient" often helps!

Open task manager, click services, locate "WebClient", right click and click restart.

Restarting takes about 5 seconds. Now go back and retry to connect your drive - see step 2 above!

Set the "WebClient" service startup to automatic: